How to Restore Dell Laptop to Factory Settings

After a long break, we are back to the topic of How to Restore Dell Laptop to Factory Settings. Today we will talk about system recovery on Dell laptops.

Well, it should also be mentioned that from the recovery section, the system on How to Restore Dell Laptop to Factory Settings Windows 10 is equipped with a backup function. However, I prefer such tasks in other ways, and therefore I will not consider this option within the framework of this article. Furthermore, we are talking about a complete restoration of the factory state, when there are no external data on the computer yet.

The recovery environment on Dell laptops is similar to that of Toshiba, Acer, e-machines and Packard Bell laptops. Immediately after turning on the laptop, you need to make a short quick press of the F8 button to bring up a menu of operating system boot options. By the way, I mentioned that the recovery environment on Dell laptops can be started by pressing the Ctrl + F11 key combination when the Dell logo appears on the display, but this number did not work on the experimental model. But if anything, keep in mind that it seems to work.

how to restore dell laptop to factory settings windows xp

Step 1

In the boot options menu that appears, select “Troubleshoot Computer”.

Step 2

Next, we will be prompted to select the keyboard language. We select our desired option and click “Next”.

Step 3

Next, you will need to select the user from whom to log in and enter the password if this is set.

Step 4

A menu of available recovery tools will appear on the display. In this menu, select Dell Data Safe Restore and Emergency Backup Application.

Step 5

Here we will be asked to select the option to restore factory settings. As I said, we’ll find a way to get your Dell laptop back to the state in which it was purchased at the store. Therefore, we select this item “Select another system backup and additional options” and click “Next”.

Step 6

On the next page, check the “Restore my computer” item, and then click “Next.”

Step 7

A list of available recovery points will appear on the screen. In my case, only one image was created at the start of the first system. But if you’ve used the backup feature before, there are plenty of options. Select your desired copy and click Next.

Step 8

We’ll be asked again if we want to save new or modified files. Select “Restore new or modified files without saving” and click “Next”.

Step 9

The system will once again clarify whether we have decided to restore it to the factory estate or, well, to make it profitable?

Step 10

We answer “yes, keep going”, after which the restoration distribution will finally start the process of restoring the Dell laptop.

Step 11

The recovery process takes about 20 minutes, so you can do other things right now. When we are notified that the restoration is complete, we press the “Resume” button.

Step 12

After the restart, preparations for the first launch of the operating system will begin.

Last Step

And in a minute or two we will be asked to select the language of the operating system.

That’s it. These are steps of How to Restore Dell Laptop to Factory Settings. Good luck with this amazing activity.

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How do I wipe my Dell computer clean and start over?

Log in to the Admin credentials and then press the OK button. Then click on Dell’s Factory Restore image. Click Next in the Restore window in the Factory Restore image. Then click Reformat Hard Drive and then Restore System Software from the Factory Condition check box.

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