As a student, I am sure you will agree with me that having a personal computer in this advanced time of technology is very essential, be it a laptop or desktop for college it as important as our books.

Those days are long gone when having a personal computer was just an alternative and luxury for a college student, nowadays, it’s a necessity especially when the whole infrastructure of education has been changed due to covid-19. Online classes and online exams are new normal.

Now the question arises, what is best – laptop or desktop for college? Which one should be the choice? Although both work in the same to some extent, however, there are some points to be considered before making the decision. Let’s dive into a quick comparison between laptop and desktop for college.

Laptop for College

Generally, laptops give understudies the adaptability and opportunity they need to deal with scholarly tasks anytime, anywhere. Any sort of PC will help you in your school years. For most, the opportunity that laptops offer is a plus point and luxury. Regardless of where you are, a laptop allows you to carry your work with you.

In fact, the best laptops for college going student needs to keep going for the long stretch, ideally through four years of student and perhaps a time of graduate work. Laptops generally come in a lightweight that comes with multiple screen size choices and a full-sized keyboard.

The straightforward clamshell configuration takes into account simple opening, shutting, and hauling. Likewise, Laptops include interior battery sources that enable clients to keep utilizing their PC away from an electrical outlet.

Desktop for College

Most media junkies and gamers in college will need to choose a desktop since it allows them to have a big-screen insight. Likewise, you can update it over the course of the years to stay up with the most recent tech on the off chance that you need to as an undergrad.

In spite of the fact that having a desktop with your TV shows and your schoolwork on it an undergrad can be testing, it is likewise a decent method to figure out how to perform various tasks.

Moreover, most work station has loads of capacity; having one as an undergrad implies you have no restrictions on melodies, films, and games.

Desktop V/S Laptop: What do I need?

When settling on buying a desktop or a laptop as an undergrad, you’ll need to think about a small bunch of models and figure out what best meets your requirements.

Although most students select laptops, present-day desktop offers various restrictive advantages that leave the discussion totally open.

As per HP, 2008 denoted the main year that laptop deals outperformed desktop deals, and from that point forward, the popularity of convenient and portable devices has flooded.

Thus, here are a few qualifications in the Desktop Vs Laptop banter:

  • Size
  • Portability
  • Cost
  • Internal storage
  • External storage
  • Portability
  • Screen size
  • Power Usage
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Pros and Cons of Laptop

The Rating is 4.5 out of 5

  • They are portable – probably the biggest advantage of a laptop is its portability which makes it easier for the user to carry.
  • They come with built-in I/O devices.
  • Expensive when compares to the desktop.
  • The laptop can be excessively heated and it is one of the major drawbacks.
  • Shorter lifespan when compares to desktop.
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Pros and Cons of Desktop

The Rating is 4.5 out of 5

  • Cheaper in cost as compared to a laptop
  • Upgradation of a desktop is quite easy
  • Desktops are way cooler than laptops.
  • Performance is one of the benefits of a desktop when it comes to comparison with a laptop.
  • Portability is one of the biggest drawbacks of it.
  • They do not come with built-in I/O devices.


As mentioned above, both laptop and computer have the same purpose – to some extent, however, before making a purchase decision you should be aware of the key differences between both, so, you can choose the best for you. We hope this guide will help you with your next purchase.

Common Questions People Ask

Is it worth having a desktop and a laptop?

Well, if we compare both of them. Then both have their charm. Desktop lasts long, performs better, and works faster. But if we talk about technical issues like repairing and software errors, then Laptop is easy to pick. Just put it in a bag, and you take it anywhere. Unfortunately, we can’t do this with a Desktop. So my vote is for Laptop.

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